June 17, 2021

7 Best Snakeskin Wallet Options

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One of my favorite exotic travel accessories is a snakeskin wallet.  These wallets really make standout and offer a variety of great features.  My favorite varieties include: snakeskin, rattlesnake, python, cobra, and rattlesnake.  We reviewed the best options and ranked our top 7 snakeskin wallets.

Implora Python Snakeskin Wallet

Keep your money and credit cards secure in this Implora Mangrove Snakeskin Wallet. Taken from the belly of a cobra, this handsome bi-fold wallet features eight slots, helping you keep your cards organized. You will have ample room for the cards you carry. When opened, it reveals a mesh ID slot on the left side and three credit card slots on the right. The Implora logo at the bottom right corner lends a custom touch. Sized to hold money as well as receipts, it has two slots for each. Features a rich brown color with cream accents, this snakeskin wallet is a great addition to your accessory collection.

  • Genuine cobra snakeskin interior and exterior.
  • Card slots for ID, cards, currency and receipts.
  • Brown and cream color.

Men’s Leather Genuine Rattlesnake Skin Credit Card Bifold Wallet

Make a statement with this Men’s Leather Genuine Rattlesnake Skin bi-fold wallet.  The outside is made using diamondback rattlesnake skin supported by cowhide. Slide your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express in one of the six card slots. Use the other two slots for your club membership and your gas card. In case you need to stash a few dollar bills for tips, a large cash compartment will keep them in place. The wallet also features a pocket on each side under the card slots to store a spare key and other essentials. It fits comfortably in your pants or jacket pocket.

  • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake front (Cowhide back).
  • Six card slots.
  • Large cash compartment.

Implora Python Snakeskin Wallet

Carry your daily cards, and ID neatly inside this Implora Python Snakeskin Wallet. Cut from the belly of a python, it has a unique pattern. The scales of the belly are moderately wide, and cover the exterior and interior of the wallet, adding to its exotic appeal. It contains three card-stashing slots to keep your ATM, gas, and credit cards within reach. A convenient ID slot lets you whip out your identification without having to remove it from your wallet. This stylish wallet also has four additional compartments: two to store your money and two to keep receipts. It has a slim profile, so it doesn’t bulge from the pocket.

  • Bona fide python exterior and interior.
  • One window ID and three card slots.
  • Two currency slots and two receipt slots.

Implora Python Snakeskin Wallet

Store your cash and cards in this attractive Python Snakeskin wallet. Designed for the sophisticated man, the wallet is made with quality craftsmanship. With meticulous stitching and genuine snakeskin both inside and out, it is the perfect accessory for carrying your daily essentials. Multiple slots hold your insurance card, a metro card, and a credit card. It has compartments for stashing money as well as slots to store receipts. An ID window allows you to prove who you are without the hassle of removing your identification from your wallet. The Implora logo at the corner lends a mark of sophistication. The slim design keeps you from feeling lopsided when you sit. Plus, it won’t weigh you down.

  • Authentic python on inside and outside.
  • Interior slots for three cards along with two currency and two receipt slots.
  • One slot window for an ID.

Python Snakeskin Leather Wallet

Stand out from the crowd when you pull this Python Leather Bi-fold wallet from your pocket. It is designed for the professional man. The outside features top-of-the-line python leather with a bold trim for a special touch. It opens up to 9-inches wide and has numerous slots for a few business cards and multiple credit cards. The black and white wallet features a flap with two clear ID windows so you don’t have to fumble for your credentials. It has two bill slots for carrying bills. Although this wallet is bigger than most, it still slides easily in and out of pockets.

  • ID flap with two clear windows, plus an additional clear compartment.
  • Five sturdy credit card slots.
  • Genuine python wallet opens to 9-inches wide and closes to 4-inches.

Implora Cobra Snakeskin Trifold Wallet

Check all the boxes for the must-have wallet with this Genuine Cobra Snakeskin Tri-fold Wallet. Covered in genuine snakeskin inside and out, this cobra tri-fold wallet is for the well-dressed man. The supple wallet offers both timeless style and modern function. With an ID slot in the center, it has three vertical card pockets on the left for credit cards and three horizontal pockets on the right for an insurance card, a membership card, and a rewards card. It features two hidden currency compartments to separate larger bills from smaller ones. Additionally, it has three concealed slots for receipts and miscellaneous items. At 3.25-inches wide and 4-inches long, it fits perfectly in jacket and pants pockets.

  • Genuine Cobra snakeskin on exterior and interior.
  • Six card slots and one window identification slot.
  • Two bill slots and three slots for receipts and other items.

Leather Genuine Rattlesnake Skin Bifold

Slip your cards and money into this Genuine RattleSnake Bi-fold. An Eastern diamondback rattlesnake exterior guards your credit cards, money and ID. The exotic pattern makes it one of the most sought-after hides for making wallets. It is ideal for the minimalist, who likes to keep things simple, but still, has an eye for style. Thin and lightweight, it has enough room to carry the basic necessities. Use the three vertical slots for frequently used credit cards and keep your ID in the identification holder. A full-size bill compartment keeps dollar bills from crumpling. There is also a hidden section to store a key or add an insert for photos or additional items.

  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnake exterior backed with cowhide.
  • Six sturdy card slots.
  • Full-sized bill compartment.

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