July 26, 2021

9 Best Purse Organizers

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Big floppy bags and totes are so chic and trendy.  However, we’ve all had that occasion when a pen, phone, keys or lip gloss collapse into a black hole at the most inconvenient time possible.  With the right purse organizer, never worry again about that cosmetic product or medicine spilling all over the bottom of your cherished designer bag.

Fortunately, there are now a number of wonderful organizers that will slip into that purse or tote and keep you organized.  Not only are these products great for keeping your bags and totes organized, but they are easily removable to make switching between bags a snap.  We reviewed and ranked the best purse and handbag organizer options.  Each choice includes a more detailed review below.

Pursfection Purse Organizer

Changing purses has never been easier. With 11 storage spaces to enhance organization, you’ll never have to fumble around for any of your items ever again!  This silky purse organizer insert also includes two 4″ wide pockets and one 5″ wide pocket on the outside, perfect a cell-phone, mp3 player, ipod, and other frequently use items.  This organizer is made from polyester and expands in both width and length to allow you to make adjustments between bags.

  • Dimensions: 4 inches x 9.5 inches x 6.25 inches.
  • Expands in width and length.
  • 7 different color combinations featuring colors and fun prints.

PurseN Organizer Insert

If your interested in a higher quality purse organizer that looks good and offers plenty of storage space to organize every day essentials, this is a great option.  This wonderful organizer is made from a polyester felt, so it is both durable and soft. It will give shape to that floppy bag, as well as help to cushion those sensitive electronics. It has 9 pockets with one large zippered pocket to keep all of your belongings well organized within your purse or tote.

  • High quality option designed with a sleek and stylish look.
  • Available in 42 different colors and prints and two different sizes.
  • Designed with adjustable sides and expandable bottom zippers designed to easily fit a variety of purses.

RW Collections Handbag Organizer

This beautiful organizer is made from nylon and is equipped with handles to make removal from your bag even easier. The organizer is machine or hand washable, to make cleanup easy.  It has a zippered pocket along the side and outer mesh pockets for small items.  Snaps located at the ends allow for adjustments in size to make switching between different sized bags even easier.  This organizer comes in 3 color options.

  • Machine or hand washable.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Dimensions: 12.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 4 inches.

Premium Handbag Organizer for Purse and Travel Bag

This wonderful product comes in 2 size options, depending upon your needs.  It is made from high-grade felt and each size has 2 beautiful color choices.  A reinforced slit at the top on each side acts as a handle to make removal easier, without adding the additional bulk of a regular handle.  This essential organizer includes pockets to for small accessories and a center compartment space for larger items.

  • Innovative handle that does not add bulk.
  • Offered in 2 sizes.
  • Available in 2 beautiful colors.

Lady Elegance Purse Organizer

If your interested in a smaller, more compact option, this organizer represents a nice option.  It comes in black only, but let’s face it….black goes with everything, right?  It features a key clip, zippered coin pocket, and slots for credit cards. This nifty little organizer packs a lot of features for a great price.

  • Dimensions: 8.75 inches x 5 inches x 2.75 inches.
  • Zippered coin pocket, key clip, credit card slots, 2 lipstick pockets, and generous center storage.
  • Easily change into various sized bags and easy to clean.

HannahDirect Easy Purse Organizer

Another very reasonably priced option, this organizer can be used independently as a small clutch, due to its tailored design and handles on the top.  The organizer offers 8 pockets, including a zippered pocket along the interior, and has an attached key clip.  Since it doubles as a little black clutch, it is like getting a new purse and an organizer in one.

  • Dimensions: 9.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 3 inches.
  • Can serve all on its own as a clutch purse.

Handbag Organizer in Premium Nylon

If you’d like to keep your vital essentials neat and organized, this beautiful product comes in 6 colors to suit your preferences.  It is made of nylon and features 13 pockets, 2 of which are zippered pockets. It comes in 2 sizes, a medium and a large size, to accommodate most any size bag or tote.

  • Offered in 2 sizes.
  • 13 pockets including 2 zippered pockets.
  • Available in 6 colors (brown, black, blue, pink, red, and purple).

Periea Handbag Organizer, 12 Compartments

Options, options, options!  This organizer comes in 18 colors and 3 sizes, so whatever your need and preference, there is an option to suit you.  Organization is easy with 12 compartments, including 2 large zipped compartments.  It is made of polyester/nylon and is machine washable to keep it fresh.  It comes equipped with handles to enable quick removal from those big bags!

  • 18 available colors and 3 sizes.
  • Handles for easy removal.
  • Machine washable.

Travelon SafeID Purse Organizer / Insert with 2 Credit Card RFID Blocking Sleeves

Have you considered a purse organizer that offers plenty of storage and includes RFID protection for your valuable information?  This purse organizer includes 4 interior and 4 exterior storage pockets to keep your personal items organized.  The included lightweight card sleeves protect your credit cards, id, and passport safe from external scanners.

  • Available in two colors and two sizes.
  • RFID blocking capability for extra security.
  • Handles make it easy to quickly change bags on the fly.



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