July 26, 2021

Airspace Lounge Cleveland Airport Review

Airspace Lounge Cleveland

I visited the Cleveland Airspace lounge in late October.  The Cleveland Airport only has three lounges, the United Club Cleveland, the USO Lounge, and the Airspace Lounge.

Airspace Lounge Cleveland sign
Sign for the Airspace Lounge in Cleveland Hopkins Airport.


The Airspace lounges are part of the American Express Airport Lounge Access Program.  Airspace operates a small network of lounges with locations in Baltimore (Baltimore Washington International Airport), Cleveland (Cleveland Hopkins International Airport), New York (New York JFK International Airport), and San Diego (San Diego International Airport).

Cleveland Airspace Lounge Entrance
Entrance into the Cleveland Airspace Lounge.

The Cleveland Airspace Lounge is located near the entrance to terminal B.  Access to the lounge is open to customers flying any airline.  Free access is available to holders of the American Express Platinum and Centurion cards.

Customers without free access are charged a $20 entrance fee.  US Military in-uniform customers are charged $13.50.  The entrance fee includes a $7 food or drink credit, making the net entrance cost just $13 ($6.50 for US Military customers).

The Airspace Lounge in Cleveland operates from 5 am to 7:30 pm Sunday to Friday and from 5 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday.


Airspace Lounge in Cleveland overview
Cleveland Airspace Lounge information.

The $20 entrance fee includes the following:

  • $7 food or drink credit.
  • Complimentary light snacks.
  • Peet’s Coffee and Tea.
  • Pepsi soft drinks.
  • Free wireless internet access.
  • Free use of onsite computer with printing and scanning capabilities.


Cleveland Airspace Lounge Check-in Desk
Front desk inside the Cleveland Airspace Lounge.

The Airspace lounge occupies a compact rectangular space.  The lounge decor conveys a bright modern feel.  Large windows surround the back wall and side corner offering plenty of natural light.

Cleveland Airspace Lounge seating
Back corner lounge seating.
Airspace Lounge Cleveland back corner
Electrical outlets are available on all seats inside the lounge.

A large bar occupies the center of the lounge.  An open seating area takes up the space directly in front of the bar.  The front corner of the lounge includes a large flight information screen and additional table seating.

Cleveland Airspace Lounge main seating area
Main seating area next to the bar.
Airspace Lounge main seating
Seating area directly in front of the bar.
Cleveland Airspace Lounge Bar
Large bar with plenty of natural sunlight.
Cleveland Airspace Lounge flight information screen
Flight information screen near the front desk check-in.

The far right corner of the lounge includes additional seating with direct views of the tarmac.  The back right corner houses a small conference area enclosed with semi-transparent blue glass.  The conference room includes a small table with a TV monitor and printer with scanning capabilities.

Cleveland Airspace Lounge conference room
Small conference room area.
Cleveland Airspace Lounge conference room printer
Small conference room included access to a printer with a scanner.
Cleveland Airspace Lounge conference room entrance
Semi-transparent blue glass surrounding the entrance to the conference room area.


Cleveland Airspace Lounge Complimentary Coffee.
Complimentary Peet’s Coffee.

Airspace’s dining menu includes a mix of breakfast and light snack items available throughout the day.  Prices vary from $3 to $6.  Most items are available for takeout.

The bar menu is more extensive and includes beer, wine, and mixed drinks.  Unfortunately, no alcoholic drinks are free inside the Airspace lounge.  Drink prices ranged from $5 for domestic beers to $15 for premium drink options.


  • Access open to customers flying any airline.
  • Low entrance fee which includes a $7 drink or food credit.
  • Modern layout with plenty of natural light from large windows over looking the airport runway.
  • Free access for customers with the Amex Platinum or Centurion credit cards.


  • Small lounge that could easily become crowded.
  • Airspace Lounges are not part of the major airline or Priority Pass lounge networks.

Final Thoughts

The Cleveland Airspace Lounge is centrally located for easy access to customers going to any of the three main airport terminals.  The Airspace Lounge serves as a good alternative for Admirals Club members since the Cleveland Airport does not have any Admirals Clubs.  The lounge isn’t as big as the Cleveland United Club, but it has a nice clean, open layout with a low entrance fee (just $13 after the $7 food and drink credit).  If you have a layover at the Cleveland Airport, the Airspace Lounge is a pretty good option.

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