May 8, 2021

Best Wheeled Garment Bag

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I’ve flown thousands of miles when traveling for business.  For multi-day work trips, it’s really critical to keep extra suits, shirts, and pants from getting wrinkled when traveling.  Carrying all these items by hand in a suit bag through airports and hotels isn’t ideal either.  That’s why I use a dedicated rolling garment bag that can be easily stored in an airport overhead bin for business travel.

I have reviewed the best wheeled and rolling garment bags currently available for business travel.

London Fog Garment Bag

The London Fog bag is a high-quality choice to keep suits and other clothing clean and organized during work trips. One of its key features is its multiple interior pockets; they make neatly arranged packing a cinch. A hanger bracket inside the bag holds clothes securely in place, and a fully-lined interior is equipped with tie-down strips. The bag is conveniently sized with a height of 22″, a length of 23″ and a depth of 4″.

Victorinox Garment Bag

The Victorinox is another high-quality option, great for busy travelers. It’s equipped with a smart packing system, the Pack More System, to ensure you can get the most out of your garment bag. The exterior material–extra-strong and abrasion-resistant nylon–is highly durable, giving you a long product lifespan. The bag’s capacity is quite large, holding up to 92 pounds. Its sharp and striking design was inspired by the Swiss Army Knife.

Travelpro Platinum Magna 2

If you want a premium product that looks great and offers plenty storage, the Platinum Magna 2 offers a solid option.  This bag includes plenty of space for multiple suits, shirts, pants, and dresses.

The garment bag includes high quality, durable material, leather top and side handles, as well as an aluminum based retractable handle.  The main storage compartment houses multiple accessory pockets and dedicated straps to secure your attire and minimize wrinkles.  This is a great bag for long business trips, but the extra storage space will require this bag to be checked.

  • Large bag ideal for longer business trips.
  • Generous storage space.
  • Extension handle with multiple extension points.

Briggs & Riley Baseline

The Briggs & Riley garment bag offers plenty of space combined with serving as a dedicated garment bag. With this upright garment bag, you have the benefit of securing 1 to 2 suits in the garment bag space with a separate compartment for additional clothes and accessories.  The bag is constructed with durable ballistic nylon.  The lightweight honeycomb frame is durable, flexible, and retains its shape.

The bag sports a telescoping handle with aircraft-grade aluminum.  The handle tubes have a v-groove design that reduces jamming.  The zippered closures are self-repairing and have lockable double zipper pulls.

The bag includes two additional front storage compartments with space for additional accessories and quick access items.  The garment bag provides extra storage while still remaining within the size requirements for domestic airline carry-on luggage.

  • Unique outside handle design allows for extra flat space inside the bag.
  • Maximizes storage space while still fitting within the US guidelines for carry-on bag limits.
  • Outside handle allows for increased interior storage.

Samsonite Silhouette Sphere

The Samsonite Voyager garment bag provides a hook for hangers, lined shoe compartment, and additional pockets to help organize your items.  The bag includes an extender panel for longer garments and compression straps to minimize wrinkles.

This bag stands upright for easier packing and accessibility.  The design includes zippered closures with a Travel Sentry combination lock.  The retractable handle has been designed with a comfortable gel base for enhanced comfort.

With 4 spinner wheels, the bag rolls upright, minimizing strain on your arm and shoulder.  Each half of the wheel rolls independently going in the same or opposite directions to provide ease of movement, complete control, and maneuverability even in tight spaces.  The garment bag measures 22″ x 20.2″ x 9.8″ and weighs 17.6 pounds.

  • Includes an extension panel for longer garments.
  • Compression straps secure your business attire and minimize wrinkles.
  • Split spherical wheels enhance mobility and minimize strain.

Samsonite Solyte Softside

The Solyte offers streamlined efficiency perfect for the minimalist business traveler.  This bag provides a lightweight option that focuses on space for your business attire and only the most important accessories.  In return, you have a garment bag that is light and fits easily as a carry-on in any aircraft.

The bag includes a dedicated bracket for hangers and an extender panel for longer items.  The front panel includes two zippered compartments with space for additional accessories.

  • Lightweight solution that maximizes ease and easily works as an effortless carry-on item.
  • Includes a dedicated panel to secure hangers with an extension panel for longer garments.
  • Two exterior pockets for additional accessories.

Travelpro Crew 10

This rolling garment bag offers plenty of storage capacity while still maintaining its ability to serve as a carry-on bag for airlines.  The interior storage compartment includes a dedicated bracket for hangers, panels for additional accessories, and straps to secure your clothing and minimize wrinkles.

The bag includes two additional external storage compartments for additional easy to access accessories.  Mobility is enhanced with a foam-padded aluminum extension handle.  With two ball-bearing wheels and two feet, this garment bag offers effortless transport with the ability to stand upright.

  • High quality material and an appealing Merlot based color that stands out on the baggage carousel.
  • Sized to meet requirements for carry-on luggage.
  • Multiple pockets with space for extra accessories.

Travel Select Luggage Amsterdam Business

The Travel Select garment bag includes plenty of space for your attire with mesh pockets and tie straps to organize, secure, and minimize wrinkles.  The unique, fold-out design was specifically made to accommodate suits.

In addition to the dedicated wheels, the bag includes a detachable shoulder strap and additional leather carry handles. Two dedicated wheels enhance ease of transport.  Extra accessories can be stored in the two dedicated external compartments.  This is a great bag when traveling requires extra business clothes, but be aware that it won’t work as a carry-on item.

  • Lightweight option with plenty of storage space.
  • Offered in 7 colors.
  • Unique fold out design minimizes wrinkles.

ECBC Sparrow Bag

If your looking for a premium product with enhanced technology that makes airport security easier, this garment bag could be a great option for you.  The ECBC rolling garment bag combines a great garment bag that offers plenty of storage with an additional dedicated laptop and tablet compartment.

The dedicated laptop compartment holds laptops up to 15 inches.  The tablet compartment includes space for a tablet, multiple cables, and electrical cords.  The best part of this garment bag is that the dedicated laptop and electronics compartment unzips so that it can lay on its back separately from your main bag when it goes through security.  This allows you to quickly get through security without enduring the time consuming process of unzipping and unpacking your laptop and tablets.

  • Maximizes available space and still meets the requirements for a carry-on item.
  • Offers unique time saving secure compartment for a laptop and electronics.  This compartment separates from the main bag allowing you to easily pass through security.
  • Offered in two different colors.
  • Plenty of additional accessory space inside the main storage compartment.

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