July 25, 2021

Calpak Luggage Review and Buyer Guide

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Calpak or California Pak offers a range of luggage products with a contemporary and fresh modern design.  Calpak’s luggage options include 15 luggage collections, messenger bags, backpacks, duffel bags, and various travel accessories.  With all those choices, its hard to know where to start when choosing the right product you.

We reviewed Calpak’s luggage catalog and selected the best options based on the most popular product categories.  Our product categories included popular luggage collections (torrino, verdugo, tustin, davis, valley II) and essential luggage categories (suitcases, carry on, backpacks, and duffel bags).  Our top 3 choices are included below:

  1. Calpak Carry on

We selected the Silverlake Carry-on as our favorite Calpak suitcase.  We like the modern style combined with a nice selection of features.  The suitcase offers a large main compartment with room to expand up to 2″.  The interior includes two crisscross elastic tie-down straps, two zippered accessory pockets, and two packing compartments separated by a zippered divider.

We like the lightweight and durable design capped with a solid, hard shell exterior.  Additional notable features include a combination lock and a push-button heavy-duty telescoping handle.  With four spinner wheels, its easy to effortlessly push your suitcase while resting another, smaller bag on top.  At just 7 pounds, this is a nice, lightweight option with a clean, modern design.

  • Available in 6 colors (black, blue, pink, purple, silver, and wine).
  • Expands up to 2 inches.
  • Includes a combination lock.
  • Easy maneuverability with four 360° rotating wheels.


Calpak’s Torrino II collection includes a nice range of hard case carry-ons and suitcases with fresh modern colors.  We selected the Torrino II carry on as our favorite option within the Torrino II collection.  We liked the modern styling and lightweight construction.  The carry on includes a built-in combination lock.

Other notable features include a push-button, locking, telescoping handle and 360° spinner wheels for easy maneuverability.  The carry on expands up to a full 2 inches and offers a zippered divider, elastic tie-down straps, and a zippered mesh pocket.

  • Available in 3 colors (silver, black, and pink).
  • Lightweight and durable with an ABS hard-shell case.
  • Includes side, top, and telescoping handles.
  • Enhanced security with a built-in combination lock.


The Verdugo collection represents suitcases with bolder designs.  The collection includes suitcases available as a single carry-on, as a 2 piece set, and as a 3 piece set.  The 3 piece set includes a 28 inch suitcase, a 24 inch suitcase, and a 19 inch carry-on.  The 2 piece set includes the larger 28 inch suitcase and the 19 inch carry on.

We selected the 2 piece set as our preferred choice because it provides a good range of options.  You have a smaller carry-on option for quick trips and a larger 28 inch suitcase with extra capacity for longer trips.  Both pieces have TSA approved combination locks.

These lightweight and durable hard shell suitcases are expandable up to 2 inches and have large interior compartments with a divider pocket, crisscross elastic tie-down straps, and two zippered accessory pockets.  They both have a side handle, a cushioned top handle, and a push-button retractable handle. They each have eight dual spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees for easy mobility.

  • Available in 6 colors (blue, copper, charcoal, navy, purple, and black).
  • The two set includes a 19 inch carry on and a larger 28 inch suitcase.
  • Both include TSA approved combination locks.


The Tunstin collection includes suitcases with fresh colors, but a more refined and sophisticated design.  Tunstin offers a slightly more toned down design compared with the Verdugo collection.  The Tunstin collection offers a choice of a 19 inch carry-on, a two piece luggage set, and a 3 piece luggage set.  The two piece set includes the 19 inch carry-on and a 27 inch suitcase.  The 3 piece set includes the 19 inch carry on, a 23 inch suitcase, and a 27 inch suitcase.

Each piece in the Tunstin collection offers lightweight and durable hard shell construction with a combination lock.  Each piece includes a cushioned top and side handle.  Eight dual-spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy mobility.  The large interior compartment expands up to 2 inches.

  • Available in 6 colors (black, navy, purple, red, silver, and turquoise).
  • Eight dual-spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees for easy mobility.
  • Light and durable construction with a modern design.
  • Built in combination locks.

Rolling Backpack

We selected the Night Vision as our favorite Calpak rolling backpack.  We like this backpack for its combination of easy mobility and plenty of space for securely carrying essential items.

The design includes a top handle, padded straps, and a retractable, push-button, single-pole handle. The padded interior pocket holds up to a 15 inch laptop.  The exterior offers a front accessory pocket and zippered side pockets. The inline skate, ball-bearing wheels include padded wheel covers to easily convert it back into a backpack to carry on your shoulders.

  • Available in 6 colors (navy blue, olive, deep red, black, and dark ash).
  • The inline skate, ball-bearing wheels include padded wheel covers for conversion into a standard backpack.
  • Top handle, padded straps, and a retractable, push-button, single-pole handle.
  • Versatility to effortlessly roll or carry on your back.
  • Plenty of storage capacity, yet small enough to use as a carry-on.

Carry On

CalPak’s Valley II collection offers a light weight hard shell construction with modern colors and a smooth design.  The Valley II collection differs from the Tunstin and the Verdugo collections based on its groove-less design.  Additionally, the Valley II carry on is sized at 20 inches, one inch larger than the Tunstin and Verdugo carry-ons.

The Valley II collection offers 1 inch of additional capacity for each size suitcase offered in its collection.  The 3 piece set includes the 20 inch carry-on, a 24 inch suitcase, and a 28 inch suitcase.  The 2 piece set includes a 20 inch carry-on and a 28 inch suitcase.

Each suitcase in the collection offers a combination lock, top and side handles, a telescoping, push button handle, and four spinner wheels for easy mobility.  Each suitcase offers a 2 inch expansion option.  It also includes crisscross, elastic, tie down straps and two zippered internal accessory pockets.

  • Available in 3 colors (black, blue, and purple).
  • Fully lined interior with a zippered divide.
  • Self repairing excel zippers.
  • Includes a combination lock for extra security.

Duffel Bag

We selected the Silver Lake as our favorite duffel bag option.  We like the duffel bag for its easy portability and storage capacity.  It includes a large interior compartment with a fabric lining.  There are five exterior zippered pockets for quick and easy access to important items.  The duffel bag includes a top strap and a removable shoulder strap with a 25 inch shoulder drop.

  • Available in 8 colors (deep red, pink, navy blue, navy/charcoal, olive, olive plaid, black, and black plaid).
  • Plenty of space and carrying capacity.
  • Five exterior zippered pockets.

Luggage Set

The Davis collection includes a design that blends the Valley II and the Tunstin.  The Davis collection includes 3 standard options: a 19 inch carry on, a 2 piece luggage set, and a 3 piece luggage set.  The 3 piece set includes a 19 inch carry on, a 23 inch suitcase, and a 27 inch suitcase.  The 2 piece set includes the 27 inch suitcase and the 19 inch carry on.

All three hardside pieces are made of lightweight and durable ABS.  Each suitcase offers an additional 2 inch capacity expansion.  The large interior in each option is divided by a dual tie-belt divider panel with crisscross tie-down straps and two zippered pockets.

Each suitcase options includes a built in combination lock with eight dual spinner wheels.  The suitcases feature Calpak’s standard top handle and side handles as well as a telescoping handle.

  • Available in 6 colors (blue, dark red, gray, ivory, light blue, and purple).
  • TSA approved combination lock built in to each suitcase.
  • Eight dual spinner wheels with 360 degree mobility.

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