July 26, 2021

Emirates Lounge JFK Review

Entrance to Emirates Lounge JFK
Check-in desk inside the lounge.
Main check-in desk inside the lounge.
Emirates Lounge JFK Check-in Desk
Check-in desk inside the lounge.
World clocks with gold plating.
Gold plated clocks with current time of major cities around the world.

I visited the Emirates lounge at New York JFK airport during June as part of a business class flight on Emirates.  First class and business class customers share the same Emirates lounge at JFK.  The lounge is located one level above the main airport gates.  Look for the sign to the lounge and a stair case leading upstairs.

Airport lounge sign
Sign on the first level for the lounges.
Emirates lounge entrance door.
The 2nd floor entrance is not that well lit.


  • Location: New York JFK airport, terminal 4 near gate A6
  • Access: Business and first class customers
  • How I Accessed: Emirates business class flight

After leaving the Wingtips lounge, I headed over to the Emirates lounge.  Although the JFK Lounge is not as large as the flagship Emirates First Class lounge in Dubai, the lounge was still fairly large for a domestic US lounge.

The lounge includes a square shape with floor to ceiling windows covering the back two corners facing the airport tarmac.  The lounge offers open seating in the center with additional seating directly facing the windows.  A large dining area is in the right corner of the lounge and a separate business center space is in the left corner.

Emirates Lounge JFK fountain
Large fountain at the center of the lounge.
Emirates Lounge JFK center entrance
Center entrance area of the lounge.


I arrived inside the lounge in the morning.  It was just past the busiest time of the morning, so the lounge wasn’t particularly crowded.  However, main seating area of the lounge is very large.  I don’t think you would encounter many situations when it was over crowded inside.

Emirates Lounge JFK seating

Main seating area in the center of the lounge.

Emirates Lounge JFK window seating
Each side of the lounge included seating facing the airport tarmac.
Natural light inside the lounge.
Plenty of natural light from the large floor to ceiling windows inside the lounge.
Seating inside the Emirates Lounge.
Plenty of open seating when I visited the lounge.
Airport tarmac view from the lounge.
View from the lounge out to the airport tarmac.


Some of the notable amenities include:

  • Direct access to your flight from the lounge.
  • Showers.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Variety of newspapers and magazines.
  • Full bar and food buffet with wait staff.
Emirates Lounge JFK magazine rack
Magazines available inside the lounge.
Emirates Lounge JFK newspaper rack
Multiple international newspapers available inside the lounge.

Dining Options

I arrived at the lounge in time for breakfast.  The food and drink options inside were extensive. You had the option of going directly to the buffet and choosing what you wanted or you could wait for the staff to bring you a menu and order from one of the tables in the dining room area.

Emirates Lounge JFK Dining Area.
Dining area on the right corner of the lounge.
TVs inside the lounge.
Multiple large screen TVs inside the lounge.
Emirates Lounge JFK self service bar.
Self service bar inside the lounge.
Emirates Lounge JFK premium drinks.
Premium drink options inside the lounge.
Emirates Lounge JFK Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast buffet inside the lounge. You could help yourself to the buffet or wait for the lounge staff to serve you at one of tables.
Emirates Lounge JFK Business Center computers.
Available computers inside the corner business center of the lounge.

Direct Access to your Flight

The best feature of the lounge was direct access to your flight.  Once you arrived in the lounge you didn’t have to plan for extra time to walk back to your boarding gate.  The lounge included a boarding gate where agents would scan your ticket and you walk directly into the plane.

Customers from the lounge board directly on the second level of the A380.  The lower level which includes economy class seating boards directly from the regular gate inside the airport.

Board the plane directly from the Emirates lounge.
Emirates A380 plane which boards directly from the Emirates lounge.
Walkway from the Emirates lounge to the plane.
The top entrance way connects to the Emirates lounge. The lower ramp connects in the regular airport terminal gate to economy class.


  • Extensive food and drink menu.
  • High quality and attentive customer service.
  • Relaxing environment with plenty of space.
  • Premium quality lounge experience.
  • High speed internet connection.
  • Direct access to your flight from the lounge.


  • After visiting Emirates over the top first class lounge in Dubai, its hard not to get spoiled.  Although the Emirates lounge in JFK is not on the same level as the Dubai lounge, it is still a really nice lounge that will exceed most domestic US lounges.

Final Thoughts

Really high quality lounge that makes for a great stop prior to a long flight on Emirates.  The lounge offered a variety of high quality food and drink options.  The lounge was clean and the service inside was very good.  The best part of the lounge is direct access to your flight from the lounge.  Direct access allows you more time to relax inside the lounge without adding extra stress by leaving early to return to your gate in time for boarding.

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