June 17, 2021

Marriott Cleveland Ohio Key Center Review

Marriott Cleveland Sign

I visited the Cleveland Marriott in mid September.  The Cleveland Marriott is roughly 20 minutes from the Cleveland airport.  The Marriott is centrally located in downtown Cleveland.

The hotel includes 400 rooms with an indoor pool, fitness, center, a full service restaurant, and hotel bar with casual dining.  The Cleveland Convention Center,  the Global Center for Health Innovation, and the Cleveland Browns stadium are located within eyesight of the hotel.

Cleveland Marriott Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Guitar
Cleveland is well known for the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.
Cleveland Marriott hotel entrance
Entrance into the Cleveland Marriott.
Cleveland Marriott main lobby
Main lobby inside the hotel.

Unlike my recent visit to the Courtyard at the Boston Logan Airport, this Marriott was a full service hotel.  I have been staying at Marriott hotels while on business as part of the Marriott Platinum Challenge.

Even though Marriott elite members don’t receive guaranteed suite upgrades like Hyatt, my recent suite upgrade streak continued at the Cleveland Marriott.  Since I’ve started the Platinum Challenge, I’ve received suite upgrades at 5 of the last 7 Marriott I’ve stayed at.  I’ve been a little surprised at the high number of suite upgrades.  My best guess is that I’ve benefited from late check-ins.  Because of the late hour, the hotel knows a certain number of suites will be unused, so they may have been more willing to give me the suite upgrade.

For a firsthand look at the 4th floor suite; see the video below:


Cleveland Marriott Suite Entrance
Entrance into the Cleveland Marriott suite on the 4th floor.

On this trip, I received a 4th floor suite.  The Marriott suite was setup like a small apartment.  The design included a large living room with a separate bedroom.  The suite provided two TV’s.  One in the living room and one in the bedroom.  The living room included a separate corner bar area with a coffee machine, water, and a small refrigerator.

Marriott Cleveland suite living room
Living room inside the suite.
Cleveland Marriott living room and bar area
Living room suite and front bar area.
Cleveland Marriott suite TV
TV number 1 in the suite living room.
Sofa inside the Cleveland Marriott suite
Living room sofa inside the suite.

The suite bedroom was almost as large as the living room.  The 2nd TV was located in the suite bedroom.  Natural light poured into the room through four large windows inside the room (pictures were taken in the evening).

Cleveland Marriott bedroom entrance
Entrance into the bedroom from the living room.
Cleveland Marriott suite bedroom corner
Bedroom corner next two large windows.
Cleveland Marriott suite king size bed
Large king sized bed.

The suite bathroom was located around the back corner of the bedroom.  The left hand side of the bedroom included a bathroom sink with a large mirror.  A closet was located on the other side of the sink.  The bathroom and standard shower were next to the sink in a small room.

Back corner inside the Cleveland Marriott suite bedroom
Back corner of the bedroom included a double sink and closet.
Cleveland Marriott suite bathroom sink
Bathroom sink directly in front of a large closet.
Cleveland Marriott suite shower
Shower inside the suite.

The suite offered a partial view of downtown Cleveland.  Occasionally low floor rooms in big cities retain some city street noise.  Thankfully my room didn’t have any noticeable noise issues.

Downtown Cleveland View from Marriott suite
View of downtown Cleveland from the suite.

Pool and Gym

Cleveland Marriott pool
4th floor pool.
Cleveland Marriott pool chairs
Lounge chairs at the hotel pool.

The indoor pool and gym were both located on the 4th floor.  The gym was small, but included all equipment you would need for a basic workout late at night or first thing in the morning.

Cleveland Marriott Hotel Gym
Hotel gym
Cleveland Marriott gym cardio equipment
Cardio equipment inside the hotel gym.

The pool was located next to the gym on the same floor.  It was a good size for swimming laps after a quick workout in the next door gym.  Lounge chairs were stationed around the pool.  A small sauna was located in the side corner of the pool room.

Executive Lounge

The hotel executive lounge was located on the 20th floor.  The lounge hours were 6:30 am to 10 pm.  The continental breakfast was available free to gold and platinum elite members inside the lounge.  Light snacks and soft drinks were available throughout the day.  Formal service inside the lounge included the following:

  • Breakfast served from 6:30 am to 9 am Monday to Friday.
  • Appetizers available from 5 pm to 8 pm Sunday to Thursday.
  • Desserts available from 8 pm to 10 pm Sunday to Thursday.
Cleveland Marriott concierge lounge hours
Concierge Lounge hours.
Cleveland Marriott honor bar
Honor bar inside the Marriott concierge lounge.


I opted for breakfast at David’s restaurant located in the main lobby of the hotel.  I didn’t have a lot of extra time so my preference was for the buffet.  The buffet wasn’t as extensive as some of the hotels I visited recently in the Middle East and Europe, but it was very good for a quick stop in the morning.

Cleveland Marriott hotel restaurnt
Entrance into David’s restaurant.
Cleveland Marriott restaurant tables
Restaurant tables.
Cleveland Marriott restaurant buffet
Buffet inside the hotel restaurant.


  • Great central downtown Cleveland location.
  • Walking distance to the stadiums, bars, and restaurants on 4th and Euclid streets.


  • Taxis are not as readily available in Cleveland as in other large cities so be prepared for a short wait if your outside of peak hours.  UberX is a good alternative to the inconsistent taxi service.

Final Thoughts

I really liked the Cleveland Marriott.  The hotel offers a great downtown Cleveland location.  The main bars and restaurants are within easy walking distance of the hotel.  I also really appreciated the hotel’s willingness to upgrade a gold elite member into a suite.

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