July 25, 2021

Pacifico Airport Valet Review

Pacifico Airport Valet Sign

Pacifico Airport Valet offers a premium 24 hour valet service to the Philadelphia Airport.  The Pacifico facility is located at 6715 Essington Ave. in Philadelphia.  The location on Essington Ave. is approx. 6 to 7 minutes away from the Philadelphia Airport.


Entrace to Pacifico Airport Valet from Essignton Ave.
Entrance into Pacifico Airport Valet from Essington Ave.

Pacifico’s airport valet drivers take customers to and from the Philadelphia Airport in their own car.  After returning from the initial airport drop-off, the valet parks the car in Pacifico’s secure parking lot.  Pacifico’s parking lot security includes 24 hour monitoring from security personnel and video cameras.  When returning to the Philadelphia airport, customers call the number on their valet ticket to be picked up in their own car by a Pacifico valet driver.

Daily Rates for the standard valet service include:

  • Daily Parking Rate: $9 per day for the first 7 days; $7 per day for the 8th through 14th day; $6 per day thereafter.
  • Service Charge: $5 per visit.

*Note: the city of Philadelphia imposes a 22.5% parking tax.

The daily parking rate includes Pacifico’s valet service, luggage assistance at the airport, complimentary Philadelphia Inquirer, and snow removal prior to pickup.  In the event you encounter a dead car battery or flat tire, Pacifico offers free assistance for those issues.

Premium Service Options

Entrance to Pacifico Airport Valet main office.
Entrance to Pacifico Airport Valet main office.
  • Fast Fly Service: $5 charge.
  • Sign and Go Service: $13.82 charge.
  • Family Shuttle Service: $13.82 charge.
  • Vehicle Detailing and Maintenance Services: Various prices depending on chosen service options.

The Fast Fly service is an expedited check-in service.  In order to use the service customers need to take the following steps:

  • Make an online reservation.
  • Call Pacifico on your travel day to confirm.
  • Call Pacifico again when you are 5 minutes away to confirm.
  • A Pacifico valet will meet you out front to immediately drive you to the Philadelphia Airport.
  • If you plan to use the Sign and Go service, make sure to provide your credit card information when you call.

The Sign and Go service allows customers to drive home directly from the Philadelphia Airport.  The parking valet drives the customer’s car to the airport.  Instead of driving the customer back to the Pacifico Airport Valet office to settle the final charges, the customer drives directly home.

If customers have a full car with no room for the valet driver, they can use the Family Shuttle Service.  Customers will be driven to the airport in a shuttle van rather than their own car for an additional fee.

Pacifico operates three on-site car dealerships: Pacifico Ford, Mazda, and Hyundai.  While using Pacifico’s valet parking service, customers have the ability to request a range of maintenance and car detailing services performed on site.  All types and makes of vehicles are eligible for service.


Pacifico regularly offers discounted parking coupons on the company’s web site.  The current promotion is a $7.50 daily parking rate.  Customers need to print out the coupon and hand it to the driver to be eligible.

Customers with valid AAA or AARP memberships receive a 10% discount off the regularly posted daily parking rates.  To receive the discount, show the driver your valid membership card when they are writing up your trip information.  Customers using a travel agent affiliated with the Pacifico Airport Valet Travel Agency Program receive a 20% discount.  In addition, customers with valid competitor coupons receive a 10% discount from daily parking rates.

VIP House Member Program

The free VIP House Member Programs offers the following benefits to frequent customers:

  • 2 free days of parking after your 4th stay (discounts can still be used).
  • Not required to show your AAA or AARP card to receive the discount.
  • Access to all old receipts.
  • No 3rd party service fees.
  • Valet ticket number reminders during your stay.
  • Discount coupon notifications.
  • Credit card information on file for expedited service.

*There is an older Frequent Flyer Program referenced on the company’s web site which offers a similar program but requires 5 stays to receive the 2 day free parking and customers can not use discounts with the frequent flyer program.

Using the Service

Pacifico Airport Valet Check-in
Pacifico Airport Valet Check-in.

I visited Pacifico Airport Valet in September and arrived at the lot without a reservation in the late afternoon time frame.  I pulled my car into the front lot area and walked in to the main office.  When I arrived there were two customers in front of me.

Three check-in desks were available so I was checked in immediately.  The check-in process was easy.  I dropped my key at the desk and gave the attendant my departing terminal as well as my anticipated return date and time.  I received a ticket with a phone number to call after returning to the airport.

Pacifico Airport Valet main lobby area
Pacifico Airport Valet main lobby area.

Since this was my first time using the service, I asked a few questions about the process. The ladies at the desk answered all of my questions and made sure I knew to use the Pacifico web site for the company’s coupons which have slightly better parking rates than the daily standard rates.  Complimentary newspapers and cold water were available right behind the check-in desk.

Complimentary Philadelphia Inquirer newspapers available at Pacifico Airport Valet
Complimentary Philadelphia newspapers.
Cold water available inside Pacifico Airport Valet
Cold water available inside Pacifico Airport Valet.

My Experience

After checking-in I walked outside to wait for the parking valet to drive me to the airport.  I arrived during off peak hours so there were only 6 valets in the rotation.  The number of available valets increases during peak periods.  I waited around ten minutes for the valet to walk outside and meet me by my car.

Before getting inside the car, the valet walked around the outside of my car taking a few notes about the condition of the vehicle, the license plate number, and the current mileage.  Video cameras are visibly located throughout the parking lot for security.  Pacifico’s cameras record each car leaving for the airport and returning to the lot from the airport.

Secured lot at Pacifico Airport Valet
Secured lot at Pacifico Airport Valet.

The ride to the airport was nice.  I have to admit it’s pretty convenient to go to the airport in your own car.  The parking valet made sure I knew which number to call when I returned. When we arrived at my terminal, he assisted me with the luggage before driving my car back to the Pacifico facility.

My ride to the airport was about 8 minutes from the Pacifico facility.  So including the check-in time, it was approx. 20 minutes from the time I arrived at Pacifico until the time I walked in the airport terminal.  I recommend arriving at Pacifico at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to when you would like to be at the airport.  I would also strongly encourage customers to consider using the Fast Fly Service since it limits any risk of arriving at a time when parking valets are busy with other customer trips.

My Return Trip

I returned to the Philadelphia Airport one day later.  After picking up my bags at the baggage claim I called Pacifico. The woman on the phone was pleasant, but very thorough in verifying my identity.  She asked for the valet claim number, my full name, the airline I used, and the make and model of my vehicle.  After she was comfortable with my identity she asked me to wait in the center island for the driver.

The Pacifico phone operator suggested a 20 minute wait for the driver.  From the time I called Pacifico until the valet driver pulled up in front of me was 11 minutes.  So in my case the valet driver picked me up faster than expected. However 20 minutes is a good estimate since times may vary based on demand and valet driver availability.

I have to admit it was a real pleasure to leave in my own car rather than leaving in a crowded shuttle bus.  On this trip, I chose to pay at Pacifico’s office location.  However, I could easily see why customers would opt for the Sign and Go Service.  I was tired and driving directly home from the airport would have been ideal.

The return trip back to Pacifico’s office was easy.  The return drive was a quick 7 minutes.  I returned to the main Pacifico facility to pay for the trip and I was in and out within two minutes.

Final Thoughts

Pacifico Airport Valet offers a really convenient and premium valet service to the Philadelphia Airport.  The service is available 24 hours a day and the valet drivers were courteous and professional.  I would strongly encourage customers to consider using the Fast Fly Service since it only costs an additional $5 and a parking valet is ready to drive you to the airport immediately upon your arrival to the Pacifico lot.  Being driven to the airport in your own car is a really nice luxury and Pacifico provides an excellent experience.

For additional parking information see the Philadelphia Airport Parking Guide here.

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