July 26, 2021

The Parking Spot PHL Review

Parking Spot Lot

The Parking Spot has two locations near the Philadelphia airport: The Parking Spot 1 and the Parking Spot 2.  Parking Spot 1 is located at 7780 Essington Ave. in Philadelphia.  The Parking Spot 2 facility is located just two minutes up the road on the left hand side at 7601 Essington Ave. in Philadelphia.


The Parking Spot 1 at the Philadelphia airport offers uncovered self parking and uncovered valet parking.  The Parking Spot 2 location offers uncovered self parking.  Daily parking rates as follows:

  • Uncovered Self Parking – $9.50 per day (excludes taxes and fees)
  • Uncovered Valet Parking – $10.50 per day (excludes taxes and fees; only offered at Parking Spot 1)

The valet service is a premium service intended to save additional time.  When customers arrive at the parking facility, an employee will park your car so you can save time get right onto the airport shuttle.  When you return to the Philadelphia Airport, your car will be prepared for your arrival so you can immediately return home.  Valet parking customers are encouraged to make online reservations to ensure availability.

Customers should arrive at the Parking Spot facility at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to when they would like to be at the airport.


Parking Spot coupons are available online at the company’s web site.  Available coupons vary by facility but tend to include discounted daily and weekly parking rates.  The posted coupons require customers to make an online reservation in advance.  When returning to pick up your car, make sure to have a print out of the coupon ready for the cashier.

Parking Spot Entrance
Entrance to the Parking Spot 1.


  • Both Parking Spot facilities are open 24 hours a day.
  • Parking Spot airport shuttle service operates continuously every 5 to 7 minutes (a card with the dispatcher number is provided for shuttle service outside of peak hours).
  • Complimentary bottle of water at check-out and in the main shuttle loading area.
  • Free complimentary USA Today newspaper available Monday to Friday until 9 am or while supplies last.
  • Shuttle bus drivers offer luggage assistance.


The Parking Spot App is a free app available on apple and android platforms.  Major benefits of the App include:

  • Airport Shuttle finder – customers can see shuttles on the road so they can wait indoors rather than outside the terminal.
  • Ability to make online reservations.
  • Online access to your Parking Spot Club account.

Spot Club

The Spot Club is a free loyalty program designed for frequent flyers.  Parking Spot benefits include:

  • Earn 5 points for every $1 spent on parking.
  • Redeem points for free parking.
  • Use the Spot Club card to enter and exit the facility instead of with a paper ticket.
  • Free online reservations ($4.95 online reservation fee is waived).
  • Online transaction history.
  • Ability to opt-in for promotional emails with parking discounts.

My Experience

In late august, I used the Parking Spot’s self-parking service for a flight out of the Philadelphia airport.  I drove to the Parking Spot facility from I-95.  When driving to the Parking Spot from Philadelphia, take the Essington Ave. exit, which is one exit before the main airport exit.  Once you reach Essington Ave., yellow signs for the parking spot are clearly visible from the road.

Customers have the option of booking a reservation in advance online.  I was running tight on time so I opted to just drive in to the facility.  Bright yellow signs direct customers to drive on the right side for the valet service and to the left side for self-parking.

Parking Spot Ticket Machine
Self-parking ticket machine. Spot Club members use a membership card linked to their credit card to expedite the check-in process.

The self-parking facility is large and was probably 60% to 70% full.  The company strategically placed signs around the lot directing customers to open parking spaces.  After parking, I walked over to one of the main open areas of the lot.  A yellow parking shuttle drove right up to me within a minute or two and helped load my luggage into the van.

Parking Spot 1 main parking lot
Parking Spot 1 main parking lot.
Parking Spot Lot Sign
Yellow signs direct customers to open parking around the lot.

Shuttle Service

After boarding, the driver wrote down the location of my car on a card which he handed to me.  On the return, you hand the card to the shuttle driver and they will take you directly to your car.  The driver picked up a few additional customers in the lot and we headed to a central loading area.

The shuttle stopped at the loading area for about five minutes as we waited for additional customers to board. Inside the loading station is a cooler with complimentary bottled water and newspapers.  After a few additional customers boarded, we headed to the airport terminals.

Parking Spot water bottles
Complimentary water bottles with newspapers on a stand in the left corner.
Inside the Parking Spot Shuttle
The parking spot shuttle sporting a clean and brightly lit interior.

The airport shuttle stops at each terminal in order.  If no customers get off at a particular terminal, the shuttle bypasses the stop.  After leaving the central boarding location, the time to my airport terminal was approx. 10 minutes.  The total time from leaving my car to arriving at the airport terminal was approx. 18 minutes.

Shuttle Return Trip

I returned to the Philadelphia airport 3 days later to pick up my car.  I picked up my bags and walked outside.  Before I had a chance to check the time, a yellow parking spot van was driving up to the terminal.  One thing to be aware of is which number is listed on the van.  Vans returning to Parking Spot 1 have a clearly marked ‘1’ on the van.  Likewise, vans returning to Parking Spot 2 have a ‘2’ clearly marked on the van.  Be careful to get on the correct van when returning from the airport.

Parking Spot Bus
Look for the correct number on the yellow shuttle before boarding.
The Parking Spot shuttle from behind
Look for the Parking Spot facility number brightly written on the front, back, and side of each shuttle bus.

Customers returning from the airport are directed to wait at the blue “Zone 3” sign outside the baggage area.  Yellow parking spot shuttles run continuously through the terminals.  In my case, a shuttle was available almost immediately.  However, I watched as multiple vans stopped outside the terminal while I was waiting for my luggage in the baggage claim area.


Airport shuttle frequency is reduced during hours with the least activity.  Customers returning to the Philadelphia airport from 11 pm through 7 am should call a Parking Spot number to request pickup.  Instructions along with the number to call are printed on the card provided by the driver when you first board the bus.

Parking Spot Return Ticket
Driver provided card that directs the shuttle driver to your car upon return to the Philadelphia Airport.

I boarded the return shuttle along with at least 7 to 8 other customers.  The driver collected each person’s card as they boarded the shuttle.  Our driver returned directly to the parking lot without stopping at any additional terminals.  The return ride was approx. 8 minutes.  When the driver reached my stop, he pulled up directly to my car and dropped me off.

I returned to the parking lot after dark.  Bright overhead lights covered the Parking Spot’s main parking facility.  Additionally a large fence circled the entire parking lot.  The exit to the lot was easy to find even in the dark.  The exit gate included two automated gates as well as a single gate with a dedicated cashier.  An additional cooler with bottled water was available for customers to pick up on their way out of the parking lot which was another nice little touch.

Parking spot lot at night
Many overhead lights cover the parking lot.
Parking spot lot at night
The Parking Spot lot has many bright overhead lights.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the Parking Spot’s Philadelphia parking service.  It was really quick and easy to park and get to the airport.  What I appreciated most was how quickly the airport shuttle was outside of my terminal when returning to Philadelphia.  I can think of many times waiting outside the airport terminal for 20 to 30 minutes for the economy lot shuttle to pull up.  It was really nice to see so many yellow Parking Spot shuttles outside of the airport terminal.

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