May 8, 2021

Philadelphia Airport Parking Guide

Philadelphia Airport Parking Guide

Most people don’t realize there are many Philadelphia Airport parking options beyond the facilities directly connected to the Philadelphia airport.  Many of these options are cheaper and more efficient than the long-term and short-term parking options at the Philadelphia Airport.  We have developed a list of the best options and pricing details for Philadelphia airport parking.

Philadelphia Airport Parking Guide

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Our Philadelphia Airport Parking Guide includes details and pricing information for the following services:

  • The Parking Spot
  • PreFlight Airport Parking
  • Winner Airport Parking
  • Pacifico Airport Valet
  • Colonial Airport Parking
  • WallyPark Premier Airport Parking

Parking Options

The parking services in Philadelphia generally offer two main options: a self parking service or a premium valet service.  The self parking options are further differentiated by “lite” valet options and covered parking options.  Some of the parking facilities also offer optional maintenance and repair services.

Winner Airport Parking and Pacifico Airport Valet offer premium valet service. Winner Airport Parking, Pacifico Airport Valet, and Colonial Airport Parking offer various levels of optional vehicle maintenance and repair services.

The Parking Spot, PreFlight Airport Parking, and Colonial Airport Parking offer self parking with a lite valet upgrade option.  The lite valet option is typically positioned as a time saving benefit.  Customers can save time by dropping their car to an employee instead of parking it them self.  Wally Park offers a standard self parking option.

Pricing Note

Posted prices are based on information provided by the parking facility web site and are subject to change.  Prices listed exclude taxes and fees.  Philadelphia parking facilities typically charge a 22.5% parking tax and a one-time airport access fee of $1.88.  Parking facilities located outside Philadelphia typically have lower tax rates.

The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot has two locations that are both less than 2 miles from the Philadelphia Airport.  The 1st location is 7780 Essington Ave. and the 2nd location is across the street at 7601 Essington Ave.  The Parking Spot location offers self parking or valet parking.  The 2nd Parking Spot location offers self parking.  Both parking facilities are easily accessible from I-95.


Customers have the option to book in advance through the Parking Spot’s online reservation system.  A reservation is not required but it does guarantee a parking spot.

  • Uncovered self parking is $9.50 per day
  • Valet Service is $10.50 per day
  • Online reservations are free for spot club members or $4.95 for non spot club members

Valet service is an express service that gives drivers the ability to save extra time.  They can leave their car with a valet and go directly to the airport shuttle.  Airport shuttles run every 5 to 7 minutes.  You should aim to be at the parking facility approx. 15 to 20 minutes before you want to be at the airport.


The Parking Spot has an app available for apple and android phones.  The app allows customers to track the airport shuttles in real time, make a parking reservation directly from their phones, and find Parking Spot locations.  The app is free to download.

Spot Club

The Parking Spot has a loyalty program called the Spot Club.  The loyalty program is free.  Customers have the ability to earn a free day of parking after as few as 7 days of paid parking.  Other benefits include free online parking reservations ($4.95 online reservation fee is waived for members), express check-out options, and promotional discounts.


The Parking Spot has a separate coupon page sorted by location.  The coupons change periodically and generally have 2 to 3 month expiration dates.

For additional information, see my detailed review.

PreFlight Airport Parking

PreFlight Airport Parking is located at 4700 Island Ave.  The parking facility is located 3.2 miles away from the Philadelphia airport.   PreFlight offers customers two options: uncovered self parking and covered self-parking.  PreFlight’s parking facility is open 24 hours a day.

Customers are encouraged to arrive at the parking facility at least 20 minutes prior to when they would like to arrive at the Philadelphia airport.  Airport shuttles run every 4 to 6 minutes and can be tracked with a PreFlight app that is available on apple and android platforms.


Customers using the PreFlight Philadelphia online reservation system when prepaying parking online receive a preferred rate.

  • Uncovered Self Parking per day: $8.54 prepaid rate, $8.96 coupon rate, $10.21 regular rate
  • Covered Self Parking per day: $11.62 prepaid rate, $13.75 coupon rate, $15.00 regular rate

The daily rates exclude a 20% Philadelphia parking tax and a one-time airport access fee of $1.88


PreFlight PHL Airport Parking coupons are posted online at PreFlight’s web site.  The current coupon promotion includes an $8.96 uncovered parking daily rate and a $13.75 covered parking daily rate.  Customers that drive up to the parking facility without a coupon receive the regular posted rate.

Frequent Parker Program

PreFlight customers can join a free optional Frequent Parker loyalty program.  Customers in the program have the choice of receiving a free day of parking for every 6 six days of paid parking or 1 American Airline mile or 1 United Airline mile for every $1 spent on PreFlight parking.

Express Pass

Customers enrolled in the Frequent Parker Program can sign up for the Express Pass.  The Express Pass allows customers to exit the airport using express lanes similar to the EZ Pass toll system.  Payment is linked to the customer’s Express Pass.  Customers using the Express Pass receive an additional 15% discount.

For additional information, see my article here.

Winner Airport Parking

Winner Airport Parking is located at 6717 Essington Ave.  The parking facility is 2.8 miles away from the Philadelphia Airport.  Winner offers customers a premium valet service to the Philadelphia airport.  Customers have the option of making an online reservation or pulling up directly to the parking facility.

Valet Parking Services

Customers arrive at the Winner Airport Parking facility 20 minutes before they would like to be at the Philadelphia Airport.  Customers are then driven to the airport in their own car by a valet from the Winner parking facility.  When you return to the Philadelphia airport, a Winner valet will pick you up at the Philadelphia airport in your own car.

In addition to the airport valet services, Winner offers a range of optional vehicle maintenance services.  The services include car detailing and repair services.  Winner uses an authorized Maaco repair facility in the Philadelphia Airport Automall to provide the additional repair services.


  • Standard Parking: $10.95 per day.  Includes drop off and pick up to and from the Winner parking facility in your own car.
  • Winner White Glove Service: $13.99 one time charge in addition to the standard parking fee.  A Winner valet will pick you up at the Philadelphia airport.  Instead of returning to the Winner parking facility to drop off the driver, you can drive home directly from the airport in your own car.
  • Detailing Services: optional detailing services generally range from $85 to $185.  Detailing options include: wash & wax, interior detail, exterior detail, and super detailing.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Services: Winner will contact you directly with price quotes after inspecting your car at the Maaco authorized repair facility.

Customers receive a 10% discount on their parking reservation by showing a valid AAA or AARP membership card.


Winner has a free app available on apple and android platforms.  The app allows customers to make online reservations from their phones, request additional vehicle services, and view loyalty club point balances.

Loyalty Program

Winner has a free loyalty program that offers customers 5 free days parking after every 10 visits.  Each stay is printed on the receipt.  Customers can view their balances online or in the Winner Airport parking phone app.

Executive Club

Winner has an optional Executive Club service which is designed for business travelers to save additional time.  The optional service provides customers with a premium valet experience.  The Executive Club includes the following benefits:

  • A Winner valet driver will meet you directly at the Philadelphia airport terminal.
  • The valet will unload your bags and drive your car back to the Winner parking facility.
  • When you return to the Philadelphia airport, a Winner valet will meet you at the airport terminal with your car.
  • The valet will load the bags into your car.  You are free to drive home directly from the airport in your car.

Executive club membership is $19.99 per year.  The daily parking rate for Executive Club members is $19.99.  All Executive club members receive a 5% discount on all optional vehicle detailing and maintenance services.

For additional information see my full article.

Pacifico Airport Valet

Pacifico Airport Valet is located at 6715 Essington Ave. and is 2.9 miles away from the Philadelphia airport.  The company offers customers a valet service to the airport.  Customers drive to the Pacifico airport parking lot and a valet driver takes customers to the airport in their own car.  The valet driver will return to the Philadelphia Airport to pick you up in your own car.


  • Standard Rates: $9 per day for the first 7 days; $7 per day for the next 8 to 14 days; $6 per day on the 15th day and thereafter.  The rate includes snow removal on your vehicle, luggage assistance, and a complimentary Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Sign and Go Service: $13.82 additional charge to leave in your car directly from the airport.  The valet driver returns your car to the airport, but for the extra fee, you can save time by not dropping the valet driver off at the Pacifico parking lot on your way home.
  • Fast Fly Service: $5 additional charge for an express service.  Make an online reservation, call on your travel day to confirm, and call again 5 minutes before arriving.  The valet driver will meet you out front in the parking lot.
  • Family Shuttle: $13.82 additional charge to be driven to the airport in the company van if your car does not have room for the valet driver.
  • Service Charge: All services include a $5 one time service charge.

Optional vehicle detailing and maintenance services are available to customers through the company’s 3 onsite dealerships (Pacifico Ford, Mazda, and Hyundai).

Frequent Flyer Program

Pacifico has a free loyalty program for customers.  After 5 stays within a 12 month period, customers receive 2 free days on the 6th stay.  Discounted parking rates from coupons or promotions do not count as qualifying stays for purposes of the Frequent Flyer Program.


Customers can present any valid competitor coupon to Pacifico Airport Valet and receive 10% off regular parking rates.  AAA and AARP members can present their membership card to receive a 10% discount.  Additional coupons are available on the company’s web site.

For additional information, see my review.

Colonial Airport Parking

Colonial Airport Parking is located at 630 South Governor Printz Blvd.  The parking facility is 1.8 miles away from the Philadelphia airport.  Colonial Airport Parking offers customers a self parking option with an optional valet service.

Customers drop off their car at the Colonial Airport parking facility.  A staff member assists customers with unloading their luggage onto the company shuttle.  Customers are then driven to the Philadelphia Airport.  Upon returning to the Philadelphia Airport, customers call the Colonial Airport parking number and a shuttle will be dispatched to pick them up from the Philadelphia airport.

You should arrive at the Colonial parking facility approx. 15 to 20 minutes prior to the time they would like to be at the Philadelphia airport.  The parking facility is open 24 hours a day and shuttle service is available around the clock.  Shuttle pick-up times from the Philadelphia Airport are approx. 5 to 10 minutes from the time a customer requests a pick up.

Reservations are recommended at least 3 days prior to departure to ensure adequate availability.  Customers have the option of making reservations online or by phone.


  • Self Parking – $6.70 per day
  • Valet Parking – $7.82 per day
  • VIP Car Care – Optional vehicle detailing and maintenance services

With the optional valet service, a staff member will park your vehicle for you.  On your return from the airport, the driver will return valet customers to their cars first.  During the winter, valet customers cars will be warmed up with snow and ice removed from their car prior to returning from the Philadelphia Airport.

Advantage Program

Colonial offers customers a free loyalty program.  Customers earn one (1) point for each dollar spent on parking services.  Money spent on optional vehicle services do not earn points in the loyalty program.  Customers redeem loyalty program points for free parking or maintenance services.  Currently 61 points can be redeemed for a free day of parking.

The Colonial Airport Advantage card allows customers to enter and exit the facility without using paper tickets.  Customers also have the ability to link their credit card to the Advantage card to expedite payment.  Customers using the Colonial Airport Advantage card also receive a 10% discount.


Coupons are available online at the company’s web site.  AAA members also receive a 10% discount.


Wally Park is located at 1 Scott Way.  The parking facility is approx. .5 miles away from the Philadelphia Airport.  Wally Park offers self parking at the Philadelphia location.

Customers drop off their car at the Wally Park parking facility.  An airport shuttle picks up customers from designated pickup areas inside the parking facility.  Upon returning to the Philadelphia Airport, a Wally Park Shuttle will pick up customers from the designated parking pickup area at the Philadelphia airport.  Customers call Wally Park directly for a shuttle outside of peak travel hours.

Online Reservations

Wally Park encourages customers to make parking reservations in advance using an online reservation system.  Customers that prefer not to use the online reservation system can call the Philadelphia facility directly to make a parking reservation.


  • Self Parking Weekdays – $13.55 per day (online reservation rates)
  • Self Parking Weekends – $8.00 per day (online reservation rates)

*Wally Park’s daily rate does not include taxes of 6.36% which is lower than the 20% Philadelphia parking tax rate.

Wally Park’s $8.00 weekend rate applies from Friday through Sunday.  The weekend rate promotion runs through 10/31/16.

After arriving at the parking facility, customers should expect to spend 10 to 15 minutes for check-in.  After checking in, customers board a shuttle bus to the airport.  Shuttle buses leave the facility every 5 minutes during peak travel times.

Coupons and Discounts

Wally Park offers discounts for senior citizens, AAA members, and customers with an active military ID.  Customers should use the following promo codes when making an online reservation to receive the discount: SENIOR2016, AAA2016, and MILITARY2016.  Customers will need to show valid ID for each membership type to the cashier upon checkout to receive the discount.

Wally Park offers additional discounts through Groupon.  Groupon discounts frequently change based on the facility location and time of year.

Wally Club

Wally Park has a free loyalty program for frequent customers.  For each dollar spent at Wally Park parking, customers earn 1 point.  Customers can redeem 10 points for $1 of Wally Park parking.  Members of the Wally Club have access to online point transaction history as well as the ability to keep a credit card on file for an optional express check out service.

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