May 8, 2021

Rimowa Luggage Review and Buyer Guide

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Rimowa’s premium line of luggage is distinctive and timeless in style, yet highly functional.  Its aluminum groove look was inspired by the pioneering days of aircraft design. However, nostalgia aside, these suitcases are as modern and sleek as it gets.  And they are the perfect line of luggage for the fast-paced life of any aspiring business executive or luxury traveler.

We reviewed the Rimowa luggage catalog and considered the best options by each product category.

Intro to the Luggage and Design

Rimowa’s luggage design includes step by step construction from scratch with over 90 single component pieces.  You will have peace of mind knowing that your luggage is safe and secure with two TSA integrated combination locks on your suitcase. Rimowa’s exterior shells are made with the finest craftsmanship and the latest technology. Did you know that Rimowa was the first luggage company to use polycarbonate for its suitcases?  The company prides itself on creating innovative suitcases while maintaining its traditional values. This is a true, premium-class of luggage.


The Rimowa Topas 21”, with its unique aluminum groove case, is the ideal carry-on bag for anyone looking for function and durability with a high-end design.  Because the Topas line was first created for tropical travel, this carry-on is lightweight, yet robust.  In fact, it is one of the most lightweight and stable pieces of luggage in its class.  The Topas offers carry-on dimensions of 21.7” x 15.7” x 7.9”.

  • Flex divider system that is height-adjustable which allows you to adjust it to the exact volume of your luggage.
  • Smooth rolling spinner wheels for easy maneuverability through airports and hotels.
  • Innovative TSA locks integrated into the case.
  • Elegant, sleek design that is lightweight and functional.

Rimowa’s Topas 21” Carry-on is a smart choice for anyone who wants a stylish piece of luggage that is long-lasting.

Classic Flight

Rimowa’s Classic Flight 21” is a carry-on that combines nostalgia, class, and function.  Its craftsmanship is held to the highest standards for design and durability.  Yet, the classic flight carry-on has a timeless, retro appeal.  The luggage’s dimensions represent 21.7” x 15.7” x 7.9”.

  • Distinctive black leather handle that provides character and durability.
  • Rugged, grooved outer case that is constructed out of lightweight aluminum magnesium alloy with polished aluminum corners.
  • TSA approved security locks integrated into the case.
  • Luxurious, yet functional interior design.

The Classic Flight Carry-on by Rimowa is a distinctive, timeless suitcase designed for the sophisticated traveler.

Salsa Deluxe

The Deluxe Business Trolley is part of Rimowa’s Salsa line. This piece of luggage’s sleek exterior is constructed out of durable polycarbonate.  It’s multi-compartment interior make this the ideal bag for anyone traveling with a laptop and important documents.  The dimensions on this business trolley bag are 17.7” x 16.5” x 8.9”.

  • Stageless telescopic handle with padded grip that adjusts to different levels of height.
  • Interior fabric compartments for better organization.
  • Resilient, lightweight polycarbonate exterior.
  • Highly maneuverable spinner wheels for ease of travel.

With its TSA-approved lock and high-end features, Rimowa’s Salsa Deluxe Business Trolley is an excellent choice to carry on your most important items.

Topas Stealth

Rimowa’s Topas Stealth 21” Spinner in Matte Black is exquisite yet functional.  The outer case includes construction with black aluminum plating to give it a sleek and durable appearance.  This carry-on piece of luggage’s spinner wheels come with a noise reduction system for smooth, quiet steering.  The dimensions of the Topas Stealth are 21.7” x 15.7” x 7.9”.

  • Classic matte black aluminum plating that blends state-of-the-art technology with tasteful elegance.
  • Dual TSA integrated combination locks that provide a high level of security.
  • Luxurious interior with height-adjustable Flex-Divider system.  The innovative system adjusts to accommodate the volume of your belongings.
  • Quiet spinner wheels that are easy to maneuver through busy airports and hotels.

The Topas Stealth makes a great choice for business travelers who desire a premium carry-on made of the finest quality materials.

Topas Titanium

The Topas Titanium carry-on by Rimowa is classy and stylish, like the original Topas. Yet, the titanium color provides a subtle, stylish, and distinctive appeal to this piece of luggage.  It is a sleek, streamlined bag that is sturdy enough to withstand many trips to the airport and still maintain its high-end looks. The Topas Titanium carry-on offers dimensions of 21.7” x 15.7” x 7.9”.

  • Exclusive aluminum case design with scratch-resistant finish for added protection.
  • Luxurious interior that includes two shoe bags, one laundry bag, and two flex-divider systems for organization of your belongings.
  • An extendable telescopic handle that does not have pre-set stages that can limit maneuverability.
  • Two integrated TSA locks for maximum protection and ease of navigating security checkpoints.

Timeless and elegant is the best way to describe this Topas Titanium suitcase by Rimowa. It is the ideal carry-on for business executives or anyone else who requires both high-end style and function.

Salsa Air

In addition, to premium luggage, Rimowa also offers a lightweight travel kit with the classic Rimowa grooved design.  Its perfect travel toiletry items and easily slips into your suitcase.

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