July 26, 2021

Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge Hong Kong Review

Singapore Airlines Hong Kong Lounge

I landed in Hong Kong from a Thai Airways first class flight.  I had a short layover in Hong Kong before boarding a Lufthansa first class flight to Frankfurt.  Lufthansa uses the Singapore Airlines first class lounge in Hong Kong.

The Singapore Airlines lounge is located near gate 15 in Terminal 1.  Lufthansa first class in Hong Kong doesn’t compare to the amazing experience at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.  However, they do offer a very expedited shortcut through security at the Hong Kong airport.

Airplane exhibit
Large airplane exhibit inside the main area of the Hong Kong airport.

Lufthansa First Class Expedited Security Line in Hong Kong

After I checked in at the Lufthansa desk, one of the agents escorted me directly through the diplomat and crew security line.  This wasn’t quite as impressive as the service provided by Thai Airways in their first class lounge, but it was very good.  The only slight slow down was that I had to move back into the regular immigration line at the Hong Kong airport.  The Lufthansa First Class Terminal and Thai Airways both offered a dedicated immigration line for first class.

I made it through immigration within 10 minutes and my Lufthansa escort was waiting for me on the other side.  I was escorted directly to the Singapore Airlines lounge.  The lounge includes a larger business class section on the right side and a smaller section restricted for first class on the left side.  The Singapore Airlines lounge in Singapore included a similar setup.

Business and First Class Sections of the Lounge

first class sign
Sign restricting the lounge entrance to first class customers.
open seating area inside the lounge
Corridor inside of the first class side of the lounge.
flat screen TV inside the lounge.
The main seating area included multiple flat screen TV’s.
Empty seating in the lounge.
The first class side of the lounge was not very crowded, thanks to the entrance restrictions.
open lounge seating
Available seating.

Although the business class section of the lounge was larger, it was far more crowded.  The first class section offered slightly better food and drink options as well as much less crowding.  I would gladly take a smaller lounge with no crowd than a larger, over-crowded lounge any day of the week.  The WiFi connection inside was strong and in excess of 15 Mbps.

business class side of the lounge.
The business class section of the lounge was much larger, but also far more crowded.
newspapers available inside the lounge
Various newspapers from around the world.

The lounge included a tight rectangular shape.  There was a small kitchen and dining area in the first half of the room.  A larger, living room style setup with a large TV and office style cubicles was situated in the back half of the room.

premium drink options
Plenty of premium drink options were available inside the lounge.
food menu inside the lounge
The first class side of the lounge included a full food menu.


  • Much less crowded than the business class section.
  • Good selection of premium drinks along with a full food menu.
  • Strong WiFi connection.
  • Available shower facilities inside the first class section of the lounge.


  • You need to keep track of time because there are no boarding announcements inside the lounge.
  • I was flying with Lufthansa and since it was a Singapore Airlines lounge, the flight information board only included Singapore Airlines flights.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the expedited security line access with Lufthansa first class.  The Singapore Airlines first class lounge offers a nice space with a smaller crowd and good food options.  The lounge doesn’t compare with some of the flagship first class lounges I’ve visited, but it does offer a quality experience while your waiting in the Hong Kong airport.

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