April 11, 2021

Singapore Suites Review, JFK to Frankfurt

If you have to spend 8 hours on a flight from JFK to Frankfurt, you might as well spend it in your own private suite in a padded leather armchair, a separate bed all while being served restaurant quality cuisine designed by acclaimed chefs.  If this sounds appealing, then you should consider booking a flight on a Singapore Airlines Suites Class flight.

Flight Details

Singapore Airlines – Suites Class
New York (JFK) to Frankfurt Germany (FRA)
Departure: 8:15pm
Arrival: 9:50am (next day)
Duration: 7 hours 45 minutes
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Seat: 2F
Cash Cost: approx. $8,518
How I paid: 110,500 krisflyer miles and $203.40 for taxes

Booking the Award Ticket

I recently booked a flight from New York’s JFK airport to Frankfurt Germany on the Singapore Airlines Suite class flight.  The retail cash cost of the flight can range from $8,000 to $12,000 depending on where you plan to fly and how early you book the flight.

I booked the award ticket with Singapore Airlines through their Krisflyer miles loyalty program.  You can search for award ticket space online and book an award ticket directly through their web site.  Award tickets can be booked as either a Saver or Standard ticket.

Singapore Suites online booking options
Singapore Suites online booking options

Standard Award Ticket or Saver Wait-list

Standard level award tickets cost more miles, but Singapore typically releases standard award tickets further in advance of the departure date, making planning easier.  Saver level award space tends to get released at the last minute when seats remain unsold prior to the flight.  Prior to being released, the saver awards typically show up as a wait-list option.  Wait listed award tickets convert to real award tickets at Singapore Airlines discretion (sometimes in advance of the departure date other times they convert as late as the day of departure into real tickets).

By choosing the wait list option, you are betting that some of the 12 suites on your flight will not be sold at cash prices and that there are not many people in front of you on the wait-list (Singapore phone agents will tell you they have no way of knowing how many people are on the wait list).

Online Booking Discount

One other benefit of booking award tickets online is that krisflyer members receive a 15% miles discount for booking award tickets online.  So the 130,000 miles for a standard award one-way ticket only requires 110,500 miles to book online and the 67,500 miles saver award one-way ticket only requires 57,375 miles to book online.  A round trip ticket would require twice as many miles.

When I purchased the award ticket for my flight, I purchased the higher cost Standard award ticket for 110,500 miles (after the 15% online booking discount).  I was willing to pay more miles to get a confirmed ticket on the day I booked the ticket rather than take a risk that I wouldn’t clear the wait list for the cheaper award ticket.

That decision gave me piece of mind, but it turned out that I could have booked the cheaper ticket, because there were at-least 5 to 6 empty suites on my flight.

The suites class flight option is only available on flights flown by A380 aircraft.  Within the US, the primary hubs to fly out of are currently New York JFK and Los Angeles LAX.  The New York JFK flight flies to Frankfurt and then to Singapore.  The Los Angeles LAX flight goes to Tokyo and then to Singapore. From Singapore, there are separate flights that go to the following locations: Hong Kong, London, Paris, Sydney, Zurich, Auckland, Delhi, Bombay, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Singapore Airlines Suites cash cost
Singapore Airlines Suites cash cost

JFK Airport

My Journey started at the New York JFK airport.  Once arriving at the airport, the Singapore departure desk has a dedicated counter specifically for travelers flying in Suites class.  There was no line at the suites class check-in and it was a very smooth and easy process.  When I arrived at the gate to board the plane, there was a large line of relatively tired and aggravated passengers waiting to board (due to the thunderstorm outside).  When the boarding process started, passengers in the Suites class boarded first in a special entrance queue that was closely guarded by two boarding agents.

Singapore Suites Ticket Counter at JFK
Singapore Suites Ticket Counter at JFK
Singapore Suites Boarding Entrance
Singapore Suites Boarding Entrance

The A380 is a double decker aircraft.  The suites class is on the first level of the aircraft and includes 12 suites.  The right and left side of the aisle each has four individual suites.  In the center aisle, there are four additional suites side by side.  The second floor of the aircraft has business class seating and behind the Suites class section on the first level is the economy class seating.

Suites Class Row 1
Suites Class Row 1
Entrance to 2nd Floor of the A380 aircraft
Entrance to 2nd Floor of the A380 aircraft

I was immediately escorted to my suite.  Inside the suite includes a padded leather chair and personal entertainment center.

Welcome note for suite 2F
Welcome note for Suite 2F
Front area of suite 2F
Front area of Suite 2F
Padded and reclining seat
Padded and Reclining Seat
Entertainment Controls and View of Next Row
Entertainment Controls and View of Next Row
Front left side area of suite 2F
Front left side area of Suite 2F

Suites First Class Menu

Before the flight takes off, passengers are offered a pre-flight drink from an extensive champagne and drink menu.  I chose the Krug, but there was also the option of Dom Perignon.

Champange and wine menu
Champagne and wine menu
Krug Champagne
Krug Champagne

Singapore Airlines also offers a book the cook option for passengers to chose an entree prior to boarding.  The book the cook option can be chosen up to 24 hours before departure.  I highly recommend this option as there are a number of entrees beyond the in flight menu that vary based on location.  The New York JFK menu included 15 different options.  I had a hard time picking between the Grilled Prime Beef Fillet, the NY Sirloin Steak, Pan-Fried Chicken, and the Lobster Thermidor with Saffron Rice.  I ultimately chose the Lobster Thermidor.

Dinner menu

dinner menu

I started with the caviar, followed by the soup, and a salad.

sunchoke soup
Sunchoke soup

Both the caviar and the soup were delicious.



Although I would normally be a little hesitant to order seafood for a meal on a flight, since this was a Singapore Airlines Suites class flight that was specifically made prior to the flight departure, I made an exception.  The lobster was really unbelievable.

For dessert I had the peach tart, a few more glasses of Krug, and settled in to watch a few movies.


Suites Bed

The flight crew periodically stopped into the suite to make sure there wasn’t anything I might need.  The attentiveness and service level from the entire crew was top-notch.  When I finished with the movies, it was time for bed.  The airline crew immediately converted my leather seat into a full size bed.


Before arriving in Frankfurt, the staff started with a pre-landing breakfast service.  I ordered juice, coffee, yogurt, some pastries, and fruit.  The breakfast options were very good and made for a very pleasant way to start your day.


Singapore Suites Final Thoughts

Overall the only way to describe a flight in a Singapore Airline Suite is incredible.  From the staff, to the food, to the Suite, every aspect of the flight was top-notch and passengers are treated like royalty from the moment the step on-board to when they exit. The only aspect of the flight that I didn’t love was that the bed cushion seemed to be a little on the thin side.  But that’s a pretty minor issue when every other aspect of the experience was phenomenal.

I have plans to fly on additional premium airlines including Etihad and Emirates.




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  1. Your pictures are great! I could imagine myself on the plane taking the trip. I especially liked the food pictures, and I wouldn’t mind eating from that menu.

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