July 26, 2021

Thai Airways First Class Lounge Bangkok Review

Thai Airways First Class Lounge in Bangkok

Thai Airways Sign

I had an opportunity to fly Thai Airways on a trip from Bangkok to Hong Kong.  Thai Airways offers a really unique first class flight experience that reminded me of Lufthansa’s First Class terminal.

Although Thai Airways doesn’t offer the same level of expensive luxury as the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Thai Airways offers a really impressive personalized service that makes checking-in and passing through security and immigration enjoyable.  I love really great food and drinks, but I really love getting through security and immigration in a really easy and fast manner.  Thai Airways really hit a home run with this aspect of their service.

Thai Airways Check-In Sign
I initially went to the wrong check-in area for first class.

Arriving at the Bangkok Airport

I arrived at the Bangkok airport from the Skytrain.  The Skytrain provides service directly to Bangkok from the Sukumvit Airport.  Transportation from Bangkok to the airport is roughly 45 minutes.

After arriving at the airport, I initially walked into a section of the economy check-in area.  There was a short line that included a sign for a baggage drop.  I wrongly assumed that must have been the first class area since I didn’t see the economy sign and long lines.

The woman at the desk checked me in anyway and issued my ticket.  However she called someone from the airline over and asked me to follow him.  If it was a different situation, I would have been concerned.  It had the feeling of being asked to go somewhere for additional security checks.  However, I was flying in first class and really didn’t have any concerns.

Finding the Correct Check-In Area

Thai Airways correct first class lounge check-in area
The correct Thai Airways Check-in for first class which was all the way at the back corner of the airport.

I was escorted to the correct first class check-in area which was next to to the area I originally started at.  The actual Thai Airways first class check-in area was at the back corner of the airport.  The reason it was in the back corner was because Thai Airways first class customers have access to a separate security and immigration line.  The only other time I saw this arrangement was at Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal in Frankfurt Germany.

Thai Airways first class security line
Entrance to the expedited security check-in for first class.
Thai Airways fast track
Access to a fast track security line makes passing security almost enjoyable.

Thai Airways provides a personalized escort that takes you through the entire process.  No one was in front of me and I passed through security and immigration in less than 5 minutes.  After passing through security, I was escorted into a Thai Airways airport transport cart.  I was driven directly to the Thai Airways first class lounge in the cart.

Thai Airways lounge signs
Directions to the various Thai Airways lounges.
Thai Airways airport transport cart
Thai Airways drives first class customers to the lounge in an airport transport cart.


Thai Airways First Class Lounge main room
Inside the main section of the lounge.
Thai Airways First Class Lounge
Main room of the lounge.
Thai Airways lounge couches
Couches inside the lounge.
Thai Airways lounge seating area
Plenty of seating available inside the lounge.
Thai Airways lounge bar
Main bar and serving area inside the lounge.

The Thai Airways lounge was large without being oversized.  The staff goes out of their way to warmly greet you and make sure your aware of the lounge amenities.  Once inside, the staff offered me the option of sitting in a private suite or sitting out in the main lounge area.

Thai Airways First Class Lounge private suite
Private suite inside the first class lounge.
Thai Airways first class lounge computer
Computer inside the private suite.

I chose the main lounge area to sit down.  The individual suites looked really nice.  Each suite included a sofa, multiple chairs, a flat screen TV, and a computer with Internet access.

The first class lounge includes a full bar and menu with a range of Thai and Western food options.  I ordered the Thai Style grilled beef and sticky rice.  I was concerned about how spicy the food would be because I’m not a heavy spice fan.

Thai Airways lounge menu
Menu inside the Thai Airways first class lounge.
Grilled beef lunch inside the lounge
The grilled beef option inside the lounge.

The waitress suggested the grilled beef and sticky rice specifically because it wouldn’t be too spicy.  The meal arrived immediately and I thought it was excellent.  The sauce had a little bit of kick, but it was served on the side.

Thai Airways private dining room
Separate private dining area inside the lounge.
Thai Airways dining room table
Dining room table inside the lounge.
Back room inside the dining room
Back room inside the private dining room.

Royal Orchid Spa Experience

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa sign
Sign for the Thai Airways spa.

All first class customers receive one free spa treatment at the Royal Orchid spa.  I chose a back and neck massage.  The Royal Orchid spa is located across from the Thai Airways First Class lounge.

One of the staff members escorted me directly to the Royal Orchid Spa.  The Royal Orchid Spa includes a full sized spa facility almost as big as the Thai First Class Lounge.  The head and neck massage was really relaxing.  It was a similar service as the spa in Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa
The Royal Orchid Spa includes a full sized spa with a variety of treatments.
Royal Orchid spa treatment room
One of the rooms inside the Royal Orchid spa.

After the spa visit, I was escorted back into the first class lounge.  It was close to departure time, so one of the attendants notified the other first class passenger (there were only two of us), that it was time to board our flight.  We were both escorted directly to our flight by one of the staff members from the lounge.


  • Highly personalized service combined with a staff focused on providing a high quality customer experience.
  • Access to a seperate express security and immigration line.
  • Free spa treatment
  • Driven directly to the lounge in an airport transport cart.
  • Excellent food and drink options.


  • The signs for first class and business class at the initial check-in could have been clearer and more prominently displayed.  You might have some trouble finding the correct area if its your first time at the airport.

Final Thoughts

Thai Airways provides a top notch first class experience.  The customer service is excellent and the personalized escort through a seperate security and immigration line really provides a unique experience.  Although its not a far distance, being driven inside the airport to the lounge is also a really unique touch.

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