June 17, 2021

Wingtips Lounge JFK Review

Wingtips Lounge Review
Wingtips Lounge main entrance
Doorway into the lounge.

I visited the Wingtips Lounge at the JFK airport in early June.  The Wingtips Lounge is part of the Priority Pass lounge network.


  • Location: New York JFK airport terminal 4
  • Hours: 24 hours a day
  • Access: $27 for a day pass or free with Priority Pass or Lounge Key membership.
  • How I Accessed: Priority Pass Membership
Wingtips Lounge Main Lobby
Seating area in the main lobby of the lounge.
Wingtips Lounge Main Dining
Main dining area in the center of the lounge.

I arrived at New York JFK airport for an Emirates business class flight.  When I flew Emirates first class last year from JFK, I had to go through the regular and long, security line because Emirates didn’t have access to TSA pre-check.

This year, I was happily surprised when the desk agent asked if I have TSA pre-check.  The security line looked long and unpleasant, so it was a real relief to use pre-check.  I passed through security in less than 10 minutes.  With nearly 2 and a half hours to spare, I decided to stop into the Wingtips lounge before moving on to the Emirates lounge.

The Wingtips Lounge is located immediately past security on the 2nd floor.  Just make a right turn after security and walk down to the end of the hall.

Wingtips lounge bar
Self serve bar area in the lounge.
Wingtips lounge cofee machine
Coffee machine inside the lounge.
Wingtips lounge snacks
Light snacks inside.
Wingtips Lounge Pastries
Pastries and muffins.
Snack bar window
Window above the snack bar area.
Wingtips lounge information screen
Airport boarding information screen above the snack bar.


The lounge as much larger than I expected from the outside.  The Wingtips lounge sports a long, rectangular shape with large floor to ceiling windows facing the tarmac.  I was inside the lounge in the morning and natural light filled the room.

Lounge view of the tarmac
Nice view of the tarmac
Wingtips Lounge seating
Row of seats along the right side of the lounge.
Wingtips lounge seating area
The right side of the lounge included extra seating and TVs.
Wingtips lounge seating
Plenty of natural light from the windows inside the lounge.
Wingtips Lounge Windows
The lounge offered direct views to the airport runway.

Major amenities inside the lounge include:

  • Self service light snack and drink bar.
  • Free Wifi.
  • Dining room seating as well as extensive lounge seating spaced evenly throughout.
  • Free newspapers and magazines.


  • Nice design with plenty of seating and space.
  • Clean lounge with staff visibly cleaning and keeping things orderly.
  • Plenty of natural light with nice views of the nearby planes on the runway.
  • The lounge was busy, but it never felt over-crowded due to the large layout.


  • Access for Priority Pass members can be restricted between 7pm and 1am if the lounge gets too crowded.

Final Thoughts

The Wingtips Lounge is a nice medium sized lounge with 24 hour access.  Priority Pass members potentially can be restricted between 7pm and 1am due to crowding.  However the lounge offers a fair amount of space which limits this possibility to periods with extra heavy traffic.

In terms of size, the Wingtips Lounge was smaller than the Louis Tavern CIP lounge and the VIP Lounge, but larger than the Club at DFW and the Club at LAS.

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