June 17, 2021

Winner Airport Parking Review

Winner Airport Parking Sign

I visited Winner Airport Parking at the Philadelphia Airport in mid November.  Winner Airport Parking offers a premium valet service to the Philadelphia Airport.

The Winner Airport Parking facility is located at 6717 Essington Ave. in Philadelphia.  Winner’s parking facility is easily accessible from I-95 at the Bartram Ave. exit.  The parking facility is just 7 to 8 minutes away from the Philadelphia Airport.

Facility Entrance

Customers pull into the Winner Airport Parking facility and drive up to the main valet station.  The facility is setup so customers drive into one of two lanes on the right side of the main auto dealership.  This setup provides plenty of space for cars during peak periods.

Winner’s airport valet service drives customers to the airport in their own car. After returning from the airport, the Winner Airport Parking valet parks your car in a secure parking lot.

When customers return to the Philadelphia Airport, they call the number on the back of their valet ticket.  A Winner Airport valet drives to the airport and picks you up in your own car.  The Winner valet drives customers back to the main parking facility to settle the charges.

For extra luxury, Winner offers customers the premium white glove service.  Customers that choose this service drive home directly from the airport rather than stopping at the Winner Airport Parking facility to settle the final charges.


Customers are not required to make a reservation when using the Winner Parking Service.  Optional reservations can be made online.  Daily rates for the Winner Parking service include:

  • Standard Parking: $10.99 per day, plus tax.  Includes drop off and pick up to and from the Winner parking facility in your own car.
  • Winner White Glove Service: $13.99 one time charge in addition to the standard parking fee.  A Winner valet picks you up at the Philadelphia airport.  Instead of returning to the Winner parking facility to drop off the driver, you drive home directly from the airport in your own car.
  • Detailing Services: Optional detailing services generally range from $85 to $185.  Detailing options include: wash & wax, interior detail, exterior detail, and super detailing.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Services: Winner will contact you directly with price quotes after inspecting your car at the Maaco authorized repair facility.

*10% discount available for AAA or AARP memberships.  Winner honors competitors coupons.

Frequent Parking Program

For every 10 stays, customers receive 5 free days of parking.  All customer visits are recorded by Winner and printed on each customer’s receipt.

Executive Club

Winner offers an Executive Club service for frequent flyers with enhanced services.  Program benefits include:

  • Save time and drive directly to your airport terminal and meet a Winner Airport valet driver at the terminal instead of stopping at the Winner Parking facility.
  • Just make an online reservation and call the Winner Parking facility with your name, terminal location, airline and reservation number at least 25 minutes before your arrival.
  • The Winner valet assists with your baggage and drives your car back to the Winner Parking facility.
  • After returning to the Philadelphia Airport, call Winner and a valet returns your car to meet you at the airport.
  • Drive home directly from the airport.
  • Executive members receive a 5% discount on all optional vehicle maintenance services.


  • Annual membership of $19.99 per year.
  • Daily parking rate of $19.99 (parking discounts not eligible with Executive Club).

Using the Service

Winner Airport Parking Entrance
Main entrance into the valet station.

I arrived at the Winner Airport parking facility on a Thursday in the early evening without a reservation.  I pulled up to the main two car lane valet station.  Three cars were front of me in line.

I turned off my car and walked into the main parking facility next to the valet station.  There were two agents at the check-in desk.  The check-in process took less than 5 minutes.  I provided the agent with my name, flight information, return date and time, and car make and model.  The agent handed me a valet ticket and said a driver would meet me outside by my car.

Winner Airport Parking Valet Facility
Entrance into the Winner Parking Facility.

By the time I returned to my car, the sun had disappeared.  The area by the valet station was well lit for customers.  The valet driver appeared outside within 3 to 4 minutes of leaving the check-in desk.

The ride to the airport was quick.  Total driving time to the airport was just 5 to 6 minutes even though it was evening rush hour.  Total time from when I pulled up to the parking facility until the valet driver dropped me at the airport was approx. 15 minutes.

Winner advises customers to arrive at the parking facility at least 20 minutes prior to when they would like to be at the airport.  My experience was shorter than 20 minutes, but I believe 20 minutes is a good rule of thumb.

The valet driver informed me that 20 drivers were working when I arrived.  He said that during peak periods the valet staff can increase to 30 to 35 drivers.

My Return Trip

Winner Airport Parking Facility Lighting
The parking facility was well lit.

I returned to the Philadelphia Airport two days later on a Sunday evening.  After stopping at the baggage claim, I called Winner with number printed on the back of the valet ticket.  I spoke with a women from the valet service.  She was professional, but also very careful to confirm my identity over the phone.

The phone operator suggested a 20 minute wait for the driver.  The total time from when I called to when the driver picked me up outside was 15 minutes.  The ride back to the Winner Parking facility was about 8 minutes.

Driving back in my car instead of a parking bus was pretty nice.  It was Sunday night and I was tired.  I could see the value in the white glove service because I wished I purchased it so I could drive directly home.

The check-out process was easy.  I received a receipt and was in and out of the parking facility in less than two minutes.

Final Thoughts

Winner airport offers a really excellent premium service to the Philadelphia airport.  Winner’s service is available 24 hours a day.  The facility was well lit and the employees provided a high level of customer service.  I really appreciated how quickly I arrived at the airport and how quickly I was picked up and checked-out.

I would strongly consider some of the additional services such as the white glove and the Executive Club.  Saving time by driving home directly from the airport really is a nice luxury, especially when your already tired and its late at night.  Business travelers with frequent short business trips can really benefit from the Executive Club’s benefit of driving directly to the airport and meeting the valet driver at your terminal.

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